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All (About) In Your Head

Welcome to All In Your Head, Oxford’s first mental health magazine, covering all aspects of mental health and mental illness from self care to disorders typically very stigmatised. Our hope is to open up some important conversations, allow for self expression and be a supportive place.

On November 16th 2020 we launched our first Winter edition, a collection of work that will be added to as the season continues.

A photo of a paperback copy of This Time Next Year, resting against a stack of books on a bookshelf. The cover of the book is mostly white, with the title in gold, surrounded by gold fireworks, and a man and a woman walking along are drawn at the bottom.

January’s Book of the Month: This Time Next Year, Sophie Cousens

For the the very first edition of All In Your Head’s Book of the Month column, Charlotte Rose reviews Sophie Cousens’ debut novel – This Time Next Year.

A decorative photo of some birds flying in front of a glacier.

“Inspirational” Phrases

A poem by AJ Jeffries Shaw

A picture of the drawing of the logo of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review

Ellie Redpath looks at the depiction of mental health in the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A photo meant to be illustrative for the article. It is of a cup of tea on a desk.

Self-Care During Lockdown

Tara Madsen gives us some tips on how to look after our mental health while staying at home.

A photo meant to be illustrative for the poem. It is a surreal image of of some lights above the sea with some mountains in the distance

The 20mg Citalopram Dream Sestina

A poem by Cameron Marnoch


A poem by Hope

Content warning(s): suicidal ideation, casual fatalism

A photo of Melanie Onovo, taken in a studio. She is smiling and looking directly into the camera

In Conversation with Melanie Onovo

Our Editor in Chief talks with Melanie Onovo, founder of the The Truth of the Matter, about her work in mental health activism.

Content warning(s): mentions of racial harassment

A photograph designed to illustrate the poem. It is of a window with raindrops sliding down it. Through the window we can see a blurry view of a fence and the wall of a next-door caravan


A short story by Ceci Bronzoni

Content warning(s): domestic abuse

A photograph designed to illustrate the article. It is of a student, hunched over her desk. The only light in her room is coming from a bright laptop screen.

An Interview with Student Welfare Reps

Charlotte Rose talks to college Welfare Reps about the effect their role has had on their own mental health.

A photograph designed to illustrate the poem. It is of a blanket on a bed with golden confetti floating down onto it.

Confetti Bomb Vol. 2

A poem by Evie Rosette

Content warning(s): mention of wounds