“Inspirational” Phrases

A decorative photo of some birds flying in front of a glacier.

Martin Luther king did not say i have a strategic plan; 

He said ‘I have a dream’ 

And he started a crusade. 

I, too, have a dream 

A wish 

A hope 

A life to live. 

For, though the caged bird may sing, 

It is the free bird that has a song. 

The doors may all be shut;

One after another- 

slammed in my face 

Hurting almost as much as the bruises 

Inflicted on my skin and mind. 


All closed doors are not locked. 

Sometimes you have to push; 

To move; 

To act; 

To do. 

(Alohomora should do it) 

After all, 

Happiness can be found In the darkest of times; 

But Dumbledore had magic to turn on the lights. 

And in this mad, 




We still do not. 

We still do not. 


We have to move; to act; to do 

To activate these effing motion sensor lights. 

Sometimes we must treat life 

As an exercise in creative writing. 

We cannot write a new beginning; 

We can change the end. 

If only it were so simple… 

instead it’s an exercise in continuous prose. 

Do not lift up the pen. 

Do not stop. 

Do not breathe. 


Stop. Breathe. 

If you don’t swim, you won’t drown. 

You may splutter and flail 

But you do not need to fall victim to all these 



You do not need a strategic plan. 

You need a song 

A dream

A hope 

A life to live. 

A reason to fight. 

It’s not meant to be a war- 

But when it rains it pours. 


I will not be conquered 

By something as trivial as the weather. 

I’m used to it 

For it’s not just the wind that wails.

Sometimes when you fall, 

You fall forwards. 

The grazes seem to be trophies of the enemies you’ve vanquished, 

No matter big or small. 

And, how do you stand up? 

Not with a strategic plan: 

You put one foot in front of the other. 

And learn to walk- 


By AJ Jeffries Shaw