Interviews and Essays

A photograph of one of the bridges in University Parks in Oxford, with its reflection visible in the water.

Reflections on Oxford’s Suspension Policy

Cameron Marnoch writes about the isolation of suspension, and how lockdown has highlighted the difficulty of being alone.

Content warning(s): Depression, Anxiety, Isolation, Brief Mentions of Suicide and Racism, Discussion of the Coronavirus Pandemic

An illustrative image showing an old fashioned filing cabinet. Each drawer is labelled with a different mental health disorder.

Mental Health Labels – Conversations with a Clinician and a Patient.

Freya Rennison interviews a teacher who has been fighting her way through the NHS’s mental health system for most of her life, and a psychiatric triage nurse in order to understand the way the NHS system uses labels to describe mental health.

A drawing of Pheebs wearing a yellow tracksuit and playing her bass. The background is a light blue with stars on it and a wavy rainbow.

Interview with Pheebs Jameson @fatpheebs

Pheebs Jameson (@fatpheebs on Instagram and Twitter) is a young activist, working to fight fatphobia, online abuse, and sexual violence alongside raising awareness of mental health problems. Ellie chatted to her about how she got started, her proudest achievements, and her hopes for the future. 

A photo of Melanie Onovo, taken in a studio. She is smiling and looking directly at the camera.

In Conversation with Melanie Onovo

Our Editor in Chief talks with Melanie Onovo, founder of the The Truth of the Matter, about her work in mental health activism.

Content warning(s): mentions of racial harassment

A photograph designed to illustrate the article. It is of a student, hunched over her desk. The only light in her room is coming from a bright laptop screen.

An Interview with Student Welfare Reps

Charlotte Rose talks to college Welfare Reps about the effect their role has had on their own mental health.