Love poem for someone I do not yet love

An illustrative photograph of some peaches on a peach tree in dappled sunlight.
To the girl I will one day be.
I hope sunlight dapples your face and your hands are no
longer cold   I hope there is no blood at the back of your 
I hope your voice is steady when you talk on the 
phone   or when you tell someone you love them.

I hope you no longer feel the need to wash your hands 
so often   or tap your feet on the pavement two or four 
or subdivide your day into swallowable segments  
which won’t make you feel sick
or like you should peel away your layers of lying skin.  

I hope the world tastes good in your mouth: sweet cherries, 
green tea,   those peaches we ate on the summer’s day walk.
I hope the soft imprint of your body in my bed
is peaceful.
I hope you look in the mirror and see someone you love.

By Helena A.