Poems and Stories

A photograph of a stormy sea

On Living with Pure O

A poem by Aaron Hammond Duncan

Content warning(s): body horror

An illustrative photo of the Lely Venus, a statue which features a nude female figure.

Ode to my fatness

A poem by Juliet Shapiro.

Content warning(s): medication, body image

An illustrative photograph, where someone is holding their phone with one hand, and covering their face with the other. The room they're in is tinted blue, but the light from the phone is orange.

when she was still

A poem by Yii-Jen Deng

An illustrative photo of a shadown of a staircase against a white wall.


A poem by Emily Pont

Content warning(s): minor body horror

A decorative photo of some birds flying in front of a glacier.

“Inspirational Phrases”

A poem by AJ Jeffries Shaw

A photo meant to be illustrative for the poem. It is a surreal image of of some lights above the sea with some mountains in the distance

The 20mg Citalopram Dream Sestina

A poem by Cameron Marnoch

A photo meant to illustrate the poem by Hope. It is of a grey sky with clouds that looks almost pruple moving across it, apart from the tops of them which are golden as the sunlight is shining onto them.


A poem by Hope

Content warning(s): suicidal ideation, casual fatalism

A photograph designed to illustrate the poem. It is of a window with raindrops sliding down it. Through the window we can see a blurry view of a fence and the wall of a next-door caravan


A short story by Ceci Bronzoni

Content warning(s): domestic abuse

A photograph designed to illustrate the poem. It is of a blanket on a bed with golden confetti floating down onto it.

Confetti Bomb Vol. 2

A poem by Evie Rosette

Content warning(s): mention of wounds